Checkpoint Nut Indicators


Checkpoint original® was the FIRST ever product in the global market to provide an indication of wheel nut movement on vehicles and this safety system concept has gradually spread from its UK origin throughout the world. 

Checkpoint original® wheel nut indicator is a core product from Checkpoint range and is in high demand globally. The Checkpoint® is offered in a very large range of sizes to cover a wide scope of applications throughout industrial, agricultural. military, rail and commercial vehicle sectors amongst others.



The primary benefits of fitting Checkpoint original® are: 

✓ Improved safety of fittings where nuts are a critical structural component, such as on vehicle wheels, rail track and industrial/commercial structures

✓ Facilitates the ease of walk around and visual checks or audits to locate problems with fixtures or fittings where nuts are used as a critical component

✓ Reduction in maintenance costs resulting from accurate locating of nut loosening or wheel overheating

✓ Reduction in vehicle downtime

✓ Improved professionalism, roadworthiness and safety related company image or reputation

✓ Cost effective and easy solution to implement



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